Kotlin Mastery: A Modern Approach to Android App Development

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Android developers have preferred the Java programming language for several years to develop Android applications. However, today, this scenario has changed as developers are more inclined towards Kotlin over Java for Android app development. What’s the reason behind it? 

Well, our blog’s goal is to explore the reason why Java is getting replaced by Kotlin. So, keep reading on.

Issues Related to Java for Android App Development

  • Kotlin: A Programming Language of Liberation from Java for Android App Development 

Kotlin’s Contribution to Android App Development

  • Kotlin’s Interoperability with Java
  • Null Pointer Exceptions
  • Be Minimalist: Write Less Code
  • Supports Enhanced IDE
  • Enterprise and Functional Language
  • Google Prefers Kotlin 
  • Enables Extension
  • Supports Frameworks and Libraries of Java
  • Learn Kotlin Easily
  • Server Side Development

Issues Related to Java for Android App Development

So, why will Kotlin replace Java for Android app development? Let’s decode the reasons.

  • Old Programming Language: Java has been in the town for longer, making it a more used programming language in Java’s heyday. However, these days, Java does not even support lambdas, streams, method references, etc. This makes Java not updated.
  • Java Has Errors: One of the biggest drawbacks of Java is its mishandling of null, leading to NullPointerException (NPE) and making it error-prone. 
  • Coding Issues: To develop simple things in Java, developers had to write a lot of code which, of course, required more time and effort. 

Kotlin: A Programming Language of Liberation from Java for Android App Development

kotlin development


So, what’s the solution to the issues related to Java? Honestly, in the realm of Android app development, Java is not the only solution. In the Android ecosystem, you will see Kotlin, an exclusive and robust programming language. It is the perfect replacement for Java and comes in handy to rescue from the issues related to Java. 

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Kotlin’s Contribution to Android App Development

Now, why is Kotlin the future of Android application development? We’ll delve deep down into the reason why developers prefer Kotlin over Java. 

Kotlin’s Interoperability with Java

The first thing you should love about Kotlin, an open-source language, is its 100% interoperability with Java. Java and Kotlin create the same bytecode, meaning you can call Kotlin code from Java and vice-versa. If you hire dedicated developers proficient in Kotlin, they can immediately head start with implementing Kotlin code in the existing Java project. 

Besides, get familiar with the super easy Kotlin’s syntax and construct as it simplifies your code writing part. The amalgamation of Java and Kotlin code is a blessing for any Android app development phase, as it aids you in producing intuitive and flexible applications without any hassle. 

Null Pointer Exceptions

Believe it or not, null pointer exceptions (NPE) are a common bottleneck causing Android application crashes. Fixing all NPEs is a hectic and time-consuming task for all Android developers, as protecting the code with null checks is exhausting. Kotlin to the rescue comes with automated null safety in the system, thereby freeing you from NPE tension. 

Additionally, Kotlin development provides null safety by removing invalid reference issues from Kotlin’s code and denying assembling code that can be null. This spares Kotlin’s code from NullPointerExceptions. 

Be Minimalist: Write Less Code

Another standout feature of Kotlin is that it helps you be minimalist in terms of the code-writing stage. By that, we mean you need to write less code for Kotlin than Java. 

Kotlin’s code is readable, precise, and crisp, reducing boilerplate code that developers must deal with on an everyday basis. Besides, the Kotlin compiler can write a vast part of code by itself, making Kotlin the best for Android app development and more preferable.  

For instance, the click listener that is preferable in Android apps. In Java, it requires a lot of code to be written.

click listener

However, in Kotlin, click listener takes concise code lines. Check for yourself and understand the difference!

click listener

Additionally, the less the code line is, the smaller the file size you get. Now, isn’t it impressive? So, write less and be happy; develop faster.

Supports Enhanced IDE

It should come as no surprise that well-known companies support amazing IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) for better functionality. For example, JetBrains offers some of the most preferred IDEs across the world. 

In Android Studio, you must install this plugin to receive supreme Kotlin support, as every Android Studio’s IDE functionalities align with Kotlin better. This enables developers to mix and match Java and Kotlin code in a similar project, making it work better. 

Besides, you can convert Java files in Kotlin seamlessly with just one tap without facing any interruptions. Check it out for yourself!

Enterprise and Functional Language

If you think Kotlin is doing something revolutionary, then that’s not the case, as Kotlin has been in the market for many years now and is not the new child in town. JetBrains has built this coding language with enterprise functionality in mind to resolve more practical and real-time issues in the Android app development phase.

Moreover, object orientation and functional construct have made Kotlin supreme over other programming languages, such as Java, JavaScript, C#, Scala, etc., and getting robust advantages.

Google Prefers Kotli

Do you know what’s more impressive about Kotlin? Google prefers Kotlin for Android app development. In the I/O annual summit of 2017, Google announced Kotlin as the official Android development language, liberating Android developers to opt for Kotlin for application development fearlessly. 

We hope you have been convinced to switch from Java to Kotlin programming language by now and why Kotlin is considered the future for Android app development. Still unconvinced? Check the reasons below; we’re sure that would change your mind.

Enables Extension

Kotlin allows Android app developers to write its functions with extensions and operators just like C# and Gosu. Kotlin empowers developers to build any class with more flexible, advanced, and new functionality without replacing the existing code and inheriting the class. But this calls for you to hire Android developers with Kotlin expertise. 

Supports Frameworks and Libraries of Java

Kotlin language supports Java’s frameworks and libraries seamlessly. This is a huge benefit for Android application development using Kotlin. 

Java’s extensive framework and libraries are exclusive to the Android application, making it more flexible, secure, and scalable among users. Integrating these frameworks and libraries with systems such as Gradle, Maven, and more, Kotlin can provide the best solution in the Android development phase.

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Learn Kotlin Easily

Is Kotlin easy to learn? Maybe you’re wondering about that. Let us assure you that Kotlin is a friendly language and can be acquired in a few days. Android developers who are aware of Java can comprehend Kotlin’s references and grasp the language easily, making Kotin preferable.

Server Side Development

The compatibility of Kotlin with Java Virtual Machine (JVM) empowers it with smooth and easy support of server-side development. It enables developers to use Vert.x, Spring, Ktor, Kotlinx.html, etc seamlessly. For that, you must hire dedicated developers for Android apps.

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To summarize, Kotlin development is there to help dedicated Android developers build scalable, flexible, secure, and impressive Android applications easily. That’s why many popular companies, such as Square, Pinterest, Basecamp, etc., prefer Kotlin over Java to ensure state-of-the-art and cutting-edge solutions to users worldwide. For that, you must contact an Android development company and hire dedicated Kotlin developers today itself to unlock revolution in your Android app development.

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