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BongoPay: Digital Transactions, Redefined!

We meticulously engineered BongoPay eWallet, synergizing breakneck transaction speed with rock-solid security. Users experience unparalleled convenience while adding, sending, withdrawing, or requesting funds. Agents also can seamlessly oversee their profiles via the intuitive web app. Explore our case study to see how we transformed everyday digital transactions into a breezy, bulletproof experience.

1. Wallet-to-bank transaction
2. Hacking-proof security
3. Proactive notifications
4. One-tap business payments

Technology Used
Mobile App

Eria: Order, Track, Savor

We whipped up Eria Delivery, transforming dining with a seamless app for restaurant discovery & online ordering, and a separate app for the delivery executives. From tracking treats in transit to personalized eatery suggestions and dynamic payment options, witness our case study and savor the magic behind every click and cuisine!

1. Dual-App ecosystem
2. Intelligent recommendations
3. Real-Time tracking
4. Multiple payment gateways

Technology Used
Mobile Marketplace for local services

Homely: All-in-One Home Service Solution

Magicminds crafted Homely, the ultimate on-demand home service hub. From salon sessions to plumbing fixes, we streamlined service selection to slot booking. Go through our detailed case study to discover how we brought convenience, choice, and clarity to users’ fingertips!

  • 1. Real-time location tracking
  • 2. Dynamic slot booking
  • 3. Multiple payment gateways
  • 4. Transparent review & rating system

Technology Used
Cross-platform Application

DealDash: Sell, Shop, Succeed

We transformed DealDash into the ultimate classifieds hub. From OTP-authenticated listings to dynamic media uploads, we crafted a marketplace where deals meet dreams. Delve into our case study and see how we reimagined the art of selling and shopping.

  • 1. OTP-based authentication
  • 2. Intuitive categorized browsing
  • 3. Real-time interactions
  • 4. Effortless media upload

Technology Used
Social App

Bubble: Where Talent Meets Tally!

We shaped Bubble, the democratic talent showdown platform. Eschewing producers and algorithms, we crafted an arena where users spotlight talent and the audience crowns champions. Discover our case study on this influencer birthplace, where votes turn everyday talent into stars!

1. Tangible cash rewards
2. Daily & weekly challenges
3. Real-time leaderboard
4. User-centric design

Technology Used
Cross-platform Application

Shresta: Cart to Kitchen Saga!

Magicminds transformed Shresta into LA’s go-to digital supermarket. Merging user-friendly designs with smart features, from OTP verifications to tailored deals, we crafted a shopping haven. Dive into our case study and witness how we redefined online grocery shopping in the City of Angels!

  • Flexible order management
  • Tailored delivery slots
  • Exclusive deals & bonuses
  • User-centric shopping
  • Advanced security with simplicity

Technology Used
Crypto Wallet Development

CoinSutra: Seamless Trades, Secured Treasures

Magicminds elevated CoinSutra, forging an all-encompassing Crypto Wallet App. We transformed crypto interactions from seamless trades to NFT dealings, integrated e-KYC to biometric checks. Explore our case study: where innovation meets the World of digital currency!

1. Biometric verification
2. eKYC
3. All-inclusive trading
4. Insightful Analytics

Technology Used
AI Personal Trainer Development

Meditative: AI Ascends, Yoga Transcends!

Magicminds breathed life into Meditative, crafting an AI-driven yoga maestro. From real-time posture corrections to tailored meditation, we merged tradition with tech, creating the ultimate virtual smartphone yogi. Dive into our case study: where ancient practice meets AI prowess!

1. Comprehensive self-assessment
2. Engaging virtual instructor
3. Tailored wellness journey
4. AI-enabled real-time guidance

Technology Used
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