PWA Development: How to Evolve Your Business in 2023

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Progressive Web Application (PWA) amalgamates mobile apps and website browsers. Coined in 2015, progressive web application refers to a state-of-the-art technology that supports robust browsers and resembles native mobile apps. 

Digitalization impacts the online presence of businesses these days, and PWA aims to provide users with compatible advantages in a cost-friendly manner. With PWA development’s flexibility, user engagement, and cutting-edge solutions, businesses can increase popularity and conversion rates.

Progressive Web Application Market Size

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However, if you are still determining how launching PWAs can help your business evolve, we have your back covered.

Guide 101: Benefits of Progressive Web Application for Business Growth

Progressive web application assists only with a single code base, making the entire PWA development process much faster, smoother, and more effective. The PWAs are a combination of website and mobile applications and are engaging and reliable. 

These apps have numerous benefits, so without further ado, let’s check how PWAs benefit your business. 

Quick Installation

Progressive web application eliminates the lengthy and complex process of app searching in the App Store or Google Play and downloading and installing. Instead, users can visit the progressive website, download the required application, and add it to their mobile’s home screen. This empowers users to access the app easily and enhances the user experience, streamlining the app installation and usage process.

PWA used on Twitter

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For instance, to use PWA on Twitter, users need to go to and log in there, and start using it. All the updates are available there without installing Twitter manually. 

With the PWA version for Twitter:

  1. Pages per session surged by 65%
  2. Tweets sent skyrocketed by 75%
  3. Bounce rate reduced by a significant 20%

Top Notch Performance

With PWA development, the app performs faster and quicker than ever. Progressive Web Application fetches the existing data to streamline the app’s performance. As PWAs cache and work as a website, enabling users a smooth response significantly contributes to app running speed and improves the user experience. 

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is another standout feature of PWA development with robust tools and quick, linkable, and indexable processes. PWA development services maximize the business website reach around users, improving discoverability. 

Besides, PWA SEO emphasizes mobile-beneficial website URLs that load pages instantaneously. Together, these features generate traffic on your business page and enable users to have a seamless experience.

Progressive Web Application- Spotify

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Progressive web application examples like Pinterest, MakeMyTrip, Spotify, and Tinder use PWA optimization for SEO purposes. 

Seamless Offline Mode

PWAs are designed with smart technologies that cache the information from your visited apps. This capability also allows progressive web applications to work offline without losing content. With PWA development, users can eliminate the need for downloading information and accessing it without an internet connection. 

Strong Security

Progressive web application prioritizes app security and enhances protocols to ensure a safe and protected surfing experience. PWAs are empowered with HTTPS encryption and a Content Security Policy (CSP) that ultimately protects from cyber attacks, mitigating risks. Twitter and The Washington Post maintain strong protection. 

Improved User Engagement

One of the best benefits of PWA development is it ensures effective user engagement. PWA aims to provide users with a tailored experience.

Progressive Web Application Pinterest

Furthermore, progressive web development is equipped with robust technology and sends push notifications to users. This drives the users’ interest whether they are using it or not. Uber, Pinterest, Starbucks, Twitter, and TikTok opt for PWA to increase user engagement. 

App-like Feeling

PWA provides users with an app-like feeling with boosted website performance. The robust technology, design, and string features like camera, audio record option, geolocation, and QR codes of native apps with top-tier performance of websites makes progressive web application favorable with enhanced experience.

Progressive Web Application Trivago

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Trivago launched PWA, and the user experience has improved due to this app-like feeling. 


PWA app development company offers PWAs are designed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a single code base. This significantly meets all the requirements for different devices and reduces the developer’s efforts. As a result, PWA development costs less, saves resources and time, and is, thus, cost-effective. 

Additionally, progressive web applications help gain traffic and, thereby, increase the conversion rate. For example, Starbucks, Twitter, and TikTok have adopted PWA to lower costs. 

No Third-party App Vendors

PWA works independently, removing the dependency on third-party vendors. Usually, publishing any mobile app requires submitting it to Microsoft Store, App Store, and Google Play, which are exhausting and chargeable. 

Fortunately, progressive web applications avoid such cost-consuming dependency on third parties, and users can visit the progressive website and add the app to their home screen efficiently. 

Low Data Usage

PWA uses low data and less app storage, which makes them more approachable. Usual mobile apps require downloading, installing, and app running permission, which is time-consuming and takes a lot of data. However, as a progressive web application works like a website, pages load at lightning speed, taking low storage space. 

Long story short, PWA development has transformed the business, ensuring better user engagement with improved performance. Hire dedicated PWA developers to see positive outcomes and faster growth in your business. Magicminds ensures top-tier progressive web app development services for the best business outcomes.

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