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Worldwide, approximately 2.6 million Android apps are available on Google Play and 2 million iOS apps on the App Store. Of course, this is a staggering number, and standing out can be a daunting task for developers who goal for app visibility.

So, how do you get your app to rank higher in app searches? The key is to use app store optimization strategies for Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Our blog illuminates the best tips for ASO strategies and boosts your app’s rank. So, hold your seat, as we’re helping you to skyrocket your app rank with this blog. Happy reading!

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App Store Optimization: What Does It Stand For

Understand the Importance of App Store Optimization

Best Practices for App Store Optimization

  • Do Extensive Keyword Research
  • Write Compelling Title 
  • Add App Description 
  • Don’t Forget Your App Icon
  • Optimized Screenshots and Videos
  • Choose the Ideal Category
  • Leverage App Store Analytics
  • Encourage Positive Feedbacks
  • Update App Regularly
  • Re-Evaluate It 
  • Monitor & Iterate

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App Store Optimization: What Does It Stand For

Does ASO sound like tech jargon to you? Don’t fret! It’s nothing but a dedicated and ongoing process to improve the app download page, aiding the app in climbing up the visibility ladder.

ASO is dedicated to two app store platforms, the App Store and Google Play. Of course, the goal of ASO is to get your app enough attention and a higher rank so that people can easily discover the app and download it, maximizing the conversion rate.

App Store Layout

For example, if you have a fitness app and want your target audience to find it when they search ‘workout/fitness app,’ ASO plays a vital role. This strategic mix of keyword optimization, user experiences, and an ongoing testing process enables the app to stand out and clock maximum downloads.

If you are already struggling to understand the entire spectrum of ASO strategies, the best solution is to collaborate with an app development company!

Understand the Importance of App Store Optimization

Before we explore the essential tips or best practices for ASO to thrive your app’s success, let’s glimpse the importance of ongoing ASO practice! 

  • Improve Discoverability and Visibility: It works like a magnet to find potential users and optimize your app’s listing. This enhances the app’s discoverability and visibility to users. 
  • Enhanced User Engagement: ASO is more than just getting higher downloads and increasing app store listings; it’s more like cementing a sense of loyalty among customers. With a compelling title, description, app icon, and keyword optimization, you can improve user engagement, and your app can reach the right audiences.
  • Boosted Conversion Rates: Optimized and high-ranked app store listings maximize your conversion rates. With ASO, you can craft engaging and dynamic app store listings that immediately convince your audiences to download the app and increase the conversion rate.

Best Practices for App Store Optimization

So, what are the best practices for ASO? Well, we will begin breaking down those tips for you. However, don’t miss out on maximizing your app’s success with a top-tier app development company for proven ASO strategies. So, let’s start. 

#1 Do Extensive Keyword Research

The prime practice for app store optimization is keyword research. Yes, just like in SEO, you must do extensive keyword research for ASO. You’ve got to manage keywords differently for different marketplaces. For example, the Apple App Store requires them to be within 100 characters, so your keywords must be precise.

Additionally, before publishing your app, deploy some keyword experts to research the keywords that resonate with your target audiences. This enhances the chances of your app to be discovered quickly. Here is a glimpse at what you should do and must avoid while opting for a keyword: 

  • Leverage tools, such as MobileDevHQ and TheTool, to help you get App Store keywords
  • Choose high-traffic keywords 
  • Keep your prime keyword in the app name 
  • Avoid using phrases rather use words
  • Don’t use prepositions and conjunctions as keywords
  • Opt for commas instead of spaces to divide keywords

You can opt for keyword analysis for Google Keyword Planner; otherwise, migrating to ASO tools, such as Mobile Action and Sensor Tower, can be a good solution.


Screenshot Credit: RetailMeNot

#2 Write Compelling Title

Another striking tip for boosting your visibility is having a compelling app title. So, what’s in the name, right? Well, it can make or break your active online presence. Certainly, we’re not exaggerating! Appropriate titles can improve your ASO, and using relevant keywords can help you skyrocket your rank.

Additionally, the iOS App Store and Google Play handle titles and keywords differently, so we recommend keeping the title simple and precise to maximize its potential.

compelling title - tripadvisor

Screenshot Credit: Tripadvisor

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#3 Add App Description

iOS App Store and Google Play work like the landing page of your website. If you’ve compelled your potential customer to go this far, congratulations, you’re just one step away from closing the deal! So, what should be your go-to strategy for having a compelling description? Let’s have a glimpse: 

  • Your app should describe what it does and how it can resolve issues
  • Start the description with a hook to captivate your audiences
  • Don’t forget to include keywords in it
  • Make the description easier to skim by using bullet points, subheadings, and paragraphs
  • Add positive rewards and awards in the description.

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#4 Add Top-Quality Screenshots

People spend only a few seconds deciding whether to download an app. So, you have only brief moments to turn visitors into customers by compelling them to download your app. So, how can you do that? Of course, the smartest and most effective way to bag them is to leverage top-quality screenshots in the app that showcase your brand’s identity.

Believe us, high-quality screenshots can make a big difference. You can utilize tools such as Figma, MockUPhone, AppLaunchPad, and more to increase your rankings.

App Top-Quality Screenshots

Screenshot Credit: Tripadvisor

#5 Don’t Forget Your App Icon

Now, never take your app icon for granted. This is the face of your app – telling the story of the app and your app journey. You’re widely using your app’s icon in social media, websites, search ads, and many more places. Shouldn’t it be optimized and compelling enough to grab the attention of users? Of course, it should be your priority. 

Here is an interesting insight for you: According to a test, you can skyrocket your conversion rate by up to 100%  just by changing an app icon. Why? The secret lies in the power of app icons, which reinforce your brand value and positively affect your target customers. 

We recommend keeping your app icon simple and consistent to improve your ranking and increase user engagement.

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#6 Add App Preview Videos

Harnessing the power of video can significantly increase your app rankings. This is another effective best practice of ASO. App downloads can improve with preview video incorporation, enabling users to better understand what your app offers before downloading it.

ad app preview video


#7 Choose the Ideal Category

Although putting your app in the relevant category might seem unimportant, it does have a surprising impact on ASO. The two dominating reasons are relevancy and competition. If you keep your app in the proper category in the Apple App Store or Google Play, it helps users find the app easily and boosts your app ranking. 

Furthermore, when you put the app in the right category, its visibility is enhanced, and people can download the app more, thus increasing your conversion rates. For example, your diet app should be in the ‘Health and Fitness’ category, so people who want to lose weight will search for it there. Nevertheless, you can keep it in the ‘Food and Drinks’ category, which can give your app less competition.

#8 Leverage App Store Analytics

Leverage robust analytics tools dedicated to aid you with mobile marketing strategy. This gives you a vivid picture of your app’s rankings vis-a-vis your competitors, and you can modify it for better results. To highlight some tools for this purpose, here is a list for you: 

  • AppAnnie
  • Sensor Tower 
  • Tune
  • Appstatics
  • AppRankCorner
  • Appfigures
  • Appnique
  • APPlyzer

These tools can help you identify where you’re making a mistake in marketing the app and make measurable decisions to improve rankings. 

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#9 Encourage Positive Feedback

You must encourage and cultivate positive ratings and reviews from your audiences regarding quantity and quality. Collect as much positive feedback as possible for your best interests. However, that rating and review should come from the audiences who have actually used the app. 

Getting feedback from your users will help you address any issues or concerns in the app and enable you to include any new features. The best way to collect honest reviews is to send push notifications or have a pop-up notification asking for user feedback. 

#10 Update App Regularly

Do you know that the app store regularly prefers updated apps? So, here comes another crucial ASO tip: update the app frequently without failure. Periodically, app updates ensure bug fixes and faster performance, demonstrating developer dedication to improving user experience. So, don’t think twice. Update your app regularly.

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#11 Re-Evaluate It

Imagine it has been a few weeks, and your app isn’t performing up to the mark in the store ranking. Yes, you guessed it right. This situation calls for a re-evaluation of your app. So, what should you look for? 

  • Check the keywords
  • Check if the description is compelling enough
  • Check for it’s category
  • Check if your app icon requires any fine-tuning. 

Taking care of these things can improve your app’s ranking and boost visibility. However, one important thing to remember is to implement all of this once and witness the results. 

#12 Monitor & Iterate

App store optimization is a never-ending process. Regularly monitor your app’s performance, keyword rankings, user reviews, and other metrics to make informed decisions and optimize it further.

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We hope this blog has been a compass for you to boost your app store optimization strategy. Our set of tips and tricks can really up your ante in the app ranking game! Crafting a winning app store listing roadmap and keyword optimization requires meticulous research and an ongoing process. If you’re unsure, you can, without hesitation, hire an app development company like Magicminds. Our dedicated developer team helps your app rank better with maximized reach and boosted conversion rate, streamlining the Android and iOS app development process. Ready to hire?