Powerlogy: One-Stop Electrical Marketplace

We electrified Powerlogy’s vision, crafting Canada’s leading e-marketplace for electrical equipment. We seamlessly integrated vast product ranges with user-focused features, ensuring smooth shopping and unbeatable deals. Dive into our case study to witness the creation of an electrifying digital powerhouse.

1. Product discovery
2. Real-time tracking
3. Instant notifications
4. Curated picks
5. Secure transactions

Technology Used
Powerlogy Electrical Store
LMS Development

Dominion Prep: Elevate, Educate, Empower

We sculpted Dominion Prep’s Learning Management System, a tailored e-learning solution taking online learning to the next-level. The LMS platform offers affordable, high-retention study programs & courses. It empowers students, while enabling parents & teachers to join a community where nominators spotlight promising learners, all overseen by a dedicated Director of Enrollment.

1. Customized curriculum
2. Community integration
3. Multiple payment modes

Technology Used
Dominion Prep - E-learning App

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