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Transforming eLearning: Dominion Prep’s Story

Magicminds sculpted Dominion Prep's Learning Management System (LMS), a tailored eLearning solution transforming virtual learning aspirations into achievements. This tailored platform enhances the educational experience, fosters student engagement, and supports academic success, empowering both educators and students in the digital realm.


Project Overview

Dominion Prep, based in Texas, is an innovative eLearning community crafted by Magicminds. More than just a digital platform, it's a transformative educational experience committed to advanced pacing, mastery achievement, and a specialized curriculum.

With a cutting-edge Learning Management System, Dominion Prep transcends traditional models, offering students, parents, and educators a unique and impactful journey in the realm of virtual education.

Randall Reiners
CEO, Dominion Prep

  • React.js
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Twilio API
  • JQuery
  • AWS Lambda
  • Cron Jobs

Loud & Proud Numbers that Talk Success

30% increase

in student participation for online classes.

15% reduction

in operational costs.

29% increase

in partnerships and collaborations.

27% reduction

in manual grading and administrative workload.

35% rise

in student diversity demographically.

13% increase

in revenue through expanded enrollment.

Project Back Story & Challenges

In the aftermath of COVID-19, the client recognized the urgent need for educational evolution and entrusted Magicminds with developing Dominion Prep from the ground up. The primary challenge was to devise a platform that addressed the immediate requirements of virtual education while supporting long-term academic growth and innovation.

  • Magicminds faced various obstacles, including optimizing user experience, integrating seamlessly with existing systems and tools, and offering robust support for educators and students.
  • With its initial video conferencing solution, Jitsi Meet, Dominion Prep faced a significant challenge. Despite being free, the platform suffered from poor video quality, lagging issues, and network-related challenges, hindering the quality of online classes.
  • Coordinating class schedules posed a logistical challenge for Dominion Prep, necessitating a more efficient and automated solution.

Solutions Provided By Magicminds

To overcome the multifaceted challenges faced by Dominion Prep, first, we understood that a one-size-fits-all approach would not suffice. We worked closely with the client to grasp their vision and the specific hurdles they were encountering.

This meant rethinking and redesigning several core components of their educational framework to ensure a seamless, efficient, and engaging online learning experience.

  • Transition to Twilio's API for enhanced video conferencing capabilities. Improved video quality and reliability, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
  • Integration of React.js for real-time peer-to-peer connections. Enhanced security measures, including secure video recording access at the administrator level and cross-site authorization.
  • Achieved a 25% decrease in time spent on manual grading and administrative tasks. Boosted operational efficiency, allowing educators to focus more on interactive teaching.
  • Implementation of cron jobs to automate class scheduling processes. Simplified scheduling process, improving overall coordination among educators and administrators.

Highlighted Features of Dominion Prep

The Result

Our initiatives at Magicminds not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Dominion Prep but also generated significant improvements in operational efficiency, user experience, and overall academic performance. Here are some tangible results achieved through our collaborative efforts with Dominion Prep.

  • 23% increase in revenue through expanded enrollment
  • 30% increase in student participation in online classes
  • 15% reduction in overall operational costs
  • 27% reduction in manual grading and administrative workload

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