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Crafting Seamless Shopping: Powerlogy’s Narrative

By realizing Powerlogy's vision, Magicminds devised a state-of-the-art, intuitive eCommerce platform that redefines online electrical product shopping. Embrace effortless navigation, real-time tracking, and swift transactions, positioning Powerlogy at the forefront of digital commerce excellence.


Project Overview

Powerlogy, a pioneering web and mobile application in the eCommerce sector, is revolutionizing the procurement of electrical products. Guided by the vision of Powerlogy's CEO, the platform aims to deliver a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience.

Partnering with Magicminds, Powerlogy now ensures superior user experiences and robust competitive positioning, solidifying its status as a leader in the electrical retail sector.

Pallav Maggu
CEO, Powerlogy

  • Laravel
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • React Native
  • AWS
  • MySQL

Loud & Proud Numbers that Talk Achievement

33% growth

in online sales within the first year

27% decrease

in overall operational costs

25% increase

in customer retention within the first 6 months

54% improvement

in supply chain efficiency

40% reduction

in transaction processing time

50% reduction

in cart abandonment rates

Project Back Story & Challenges

Throughout the development of Powerlogy, Magicminds encountered several significant challenges that required innovative solutions and meticulous execution.

  • We had to handle real-time backlog updates for electrical products, which took time due to various stock levels across numerous locations.
  • Ensuring the application’s seamless functionality across a wide range of devices with different screen sizes and operating systems demanded extensive testing and optimization from our end.
  • Additionally, presenting intricate and detailed information about electrical products in a user-friendly manner posed substantial design and usability challenges.
  • Given the sharpness of financial information, providing fast transactions and protecting user data were considerable concerns for us.

Solutions Provided By Magicminds

To address the multifaceted challenges faced during the development of Powerlogy, we, at Magicminds, implemented a range of innovative and effective solutions. These solutions not only met the immediate needs of the project but also laid a strong foundation for Powerlogy’s ongoing success and growth in the eCommerce landscape.

  • We executed a cloud-based inventory management system that coincided in real-time with the mobile application. This system incorporated ERP solutions to provide proper and fortunate inventory data, decreasing differences and improving user experience.
  • Our team of experts observed responsive design regulations and tested thoroughly using emulators and real devices.
  • We embraced industry-standard encryption protocols and incorporated secure payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. Further, we executed robust authentication mechanisms, including multi-factor authentication, to protect user data and assure adherence to data security regulations.

Highlighted Features of Powerlogy

The Result

Our collective venture within the eCommerce domain, with Magicminds' shared ideals, has resulted in considerable progress. These possess improved client experiences, increased platform efficiency, optimized user interfaces, and strengthened transaction dependability for electrical stores.

  • 54% improvement in supply chain efficiency, leading to timely deliveries and better inventory management.
  • 27% decrease in operational costs due to streamlined processes and automated workflows implemented by Magicminds.
  • 33% growth in online sales within the first year, demonstrating the platform's ability to attract and convert more customers.
  • 50% reduction in cart abandonment rates.

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