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Altering Financial Technology: BongoPay’s Narrative

Magicminds revolutionized BongoPay with creative solutions that facilitate financial services, improve user experiences, and navigate digital conversion. Their cutting-edge technology authorizes businesses, enhances efficiency, and enables financial inclusion, forming new benchmarks in the digital financial domain.


Project Overview

BongoPay serves in France, Italy, Congo, and Canada. Gilbert Colombo has allowed us to work on this web application specially designed to transfer money by scanning the QR code. Users can quickly scan the QR code with their wallet to accomplish the transaction.

With Bongo Pay's ingenious platform, users quickly transfer money by scanning a QR code with their digital wallet, delivering a seamless, safe, secure, and trendy way to conduct transactions.

CEO, BongoPay

  • Node.js
  • Kotlin
  • Laravel
  • Swift 5

Loud & Proud Numbers that Speak Accomplishment

40% increase

in online wallet transactions

35% surge

in total number of customers

51% reduction

in payment loading times

63% boost

in collaboration via chat

70% increase

in users for payment status with one click

40% increase

in average user engagement session

Project Back Story & Challenges

With the client's vision to build a robust wallet-to-wallet transaction application in mind, we, at Magicminds embarked on the journey of devising it. The client emphasized ensuring success and reliability. Our initial analysis revealed a series of pivotal hurdles that demanded innovative solutions.

  • Protecting financial data from cyber-attacks, which requires deploying cutting-edge encryption protocols, constantly observing unique activity, and revising safety benchmarks to safeguard against new hazards.
  • Proactively managing the platform's response to demand changes, ensuring strength and resilience.
  • Robust data encryption, stringent access controls, and, most importantly, adherence to privacy regulations like GDPR, assuring user confidentiality.
  • Integrating digital wallets, necessitating the use of secure APIs, rigorous authentication methods, and data integrity.

Solutions Offered By Magicminds

Faced with these challenges, we devised and deployed a set of cutting-edge solutions customized to meet BongoPay's unique demands. Utilizing advanced technologies and forward-thinking strategies, we transformed BongoPay into a secure, reliable, and user-friendly wallet-to-wallet transaction platform.

  • We executed a robust encryption protocol using Plaid's secure connectivity features to safeguard against cyber-attacks, ensuring the safety and integrity of user data during transactions.
  • By integrating Stripe, BongoPay users can transfer money confidently and effortlessly, improving their prevalent experience and trust in the platform.
  • By integrating Plaid's secure APIs, we improved transaction protection, delivering an extra layer of security for user accounts and susceptible data.
  • We prioritize standard testing, safety checks, and unique features, utilizing Plaid and Stripe capabilities to enhance the platform's security and functionality, ensuring continuous progress and user satisfaction.

Highlighted Features of BongoPay

The Result

Our ambitions at BongoPay were to mitigate direct user challenges, improve the system performance, optimize the user interface, and raise transaction dependability. Here are the quantifiable outcomes of our collective exertions with this payment platform.

  • 41% increase in transaction efficiency
  • 40% increase in average user engagement session
  • 23% decrease in processing costs
  • 35% surge in total number of customers

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