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Leverage PHP to build robust applications with impactful outcomes, designed carefully to enhance your business growth. Discover the expertise of our dedicated PHP developers.

  • Custom PHP Mobile App Development

    Leverage PHP to drive iOS & Android mobile apps or offer secure, reliable web services and APIs for platform data access.

  • Custom PHP Web Development

    Hire PHP web developers to get robust websites from scratch with frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, and Zend.

  • PHP Extension Development

    Hire remote full stack PHP developers to create tailor-made PHP extensions and unlock secure and scalable outcomes.

  • PHP eCommerce Development

    Hire expert PHP developers skilled in responsive eCommerce website development, testing, debugging, and maintenance.

  • PHP Migration & Porting Solutions

    Seamlessly migrate your application to PHP from ASP.NET, Java, or Python, retaining full functionality and data integrity.

  • Custom Module Development

    Get designers and developers who collaborate with startups and businesses to build popular digital products.

  • PHP Site Maintenance

    Hire full stack PHP developers to enhance web security, optimize app performance, and handle core responsibilities.

  • PHP Maintenance & Support

    Get outcome-driven solutions and expert guidance for intricate problems, with continuous maintenance support.

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Success Stories: Businesses Across the Globe Scaled with Our Developers

Discover how we supported global businesses to hire remote PHP developers for robust backend development.

Our 5-Step Guide to Hire Remote Dedicated PHP Developers

Skip hiring woes and find the right people for your projects in 5 simple steps!

Define Your Needs

Our analysts will arrange a call to grasp your needs.

Review Developer Profiles

Assess candidates' skills, experience & certifications.

Interview Selected Candidates

Interview chosen developers to test their fit for your team.

Choose Engagement Model

Opt for a suitable engagement model & finalize contracts..

Onboard Developers

Developers join your team after signing NDAs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions on dedicated PHP developers for hire answered!

PHP is open-source, requiring no licensing fees. It's freely accessible, offering code management and customization. Offshore PHP development can create interactive sites by enhancing HTML pages. Frequent updates enhance PHP's features and capabilities.

Absolutely, PHP enables the creation of mobile-friendly websites using responsive design techniques, ensuring optimal display across devices. PHP can also be used to detect user agents and serve appropriate content based on the device accessing the website.

Besides being open-source, PHP is compatible with diverse databases and frameworks which ensures flexibility. Its rapid development and customization capabilities suit projects of various sizes, while scalability and cross-platform compatibility enhance popularity.

You will retain control over project aspects and thus, the timeline. Ensure your chosen project aligns with your plan. Your close involvement ensures consistent inspiration and smooth progress.

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